In this topic, you will learn about the installation and adjustment of a double bed, basic skills required to use a double bed, different cast-on and bind-off methods applicable to the double bed, shaping with increases and decreases on the double bed, and various tips and tricks to help you use the double bed more effectively.

Below you see an overview of the existing content in the Double-bed section of the eLearning platform.

Installation & adjustment of the double bed

  • Brother: Attaching the Brother KR-850 double bed
  • Brother: Adjusting DB distance Brother KR-830 & KR-850
  • Brother: Adjusting the facing needle beds Brother KR-830 & KR-850
  • Attaching the sinker plate
  • Prepare the take-up spring of the DB
  • Attaching 7 hangers (edge weight).
  • Silver Reed: Attaching the double bed
  • Silver Reed: Adjusting DB distance
  • Silver Reed: Adjusting the facing needle beds

Basic skills

  • Transferring Stitches from Main to Double Bed

Double bed cast-on

  • Casting-Off if Stitches are solely on the Double Bed
  • Double-Bed Bind-Off (non-curling edge)
  • Double-bed Tubular Cast-On (1×1 rib)
  • Double-Bed E-Wrap Cast On (1×1 rib)
  • Double Bed E-Wrap Cast On (2×2 rib)
  • Double-Bed Cast-on (non-curling edge)

Garment shaping on the double bed

  • Double Bed – Single-Stitch Decrease (1×1 rib)
  • Double Bed – Single-Stitch Increase
  • Double Bed – Increase (neat)
  • Double Bed – Multiple-Stitch Decrease
  • Double Bed – Multiple-Stitch Increases

Tricks & Tricks on the Double Bed

  • Circular knitting: reliably knitting the edge stitches
  • Knitting a Contrast-Color Thread into Edge Stitches for Fixation
  • Double Bed – Cover Strip for Gate Pegs (print template)
  • Double bed – straighten hems
  • Hanging up double bed cast on comb

These double bed topics await you in the future.

Here you can see an overview of the planned content. Topics are added on an ongoing basis and we also respond to input from our members.

Basic skills

  • Long stitches with the double bed
  • Short rows with the double bed
  • Short rows with the double bed
  • Half brioche, Brioche
  • TubulaTubular Knitting counterclockwise
  • Half Tubular Knitting
  • and more

cast-on / cast-off

  • Double Bed Cast-On for kniting in half rounds
  • and more

Tips & Tricks

  • Remove caught stitches from the gate pegs
  • and more

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