The basics of machine knitting

In this topic, you will learn about the preparations you need to make before knitting. You will also learn the very basic skills, such as long stitches, placing markers, joining cones, and so on. Additionally, you will learn about different cast-on and bind-off methods, shaping with increases and decreases, how to join and finish pieces, and more tips and tricks to help you become a pro in machine knitting.

Below you see an overview of the existing content in the basic section of the eLearning platform.


  • wool winding
  • Setting up Brother knitting machines with its accessories
  • Threading (Brother & Silver Reed)
  • Threading from Multiple Large Cones
  • The Pre-Swatch Test
  • The gauge swatch

Basic Skills

  • Long stitches
  • Long stitches using the intarsia function
  • Joining Cones
  • Placing Vertical Markers
  • Threading Marker Thread
  • Weaving-In Threats on the Knitting Machine

Cast-on / Bind-off

  • Cast-on with Waste yarn and Ravel Cord
  • Long Stitches Latch-Tool Bind-Off
  • Binding-off behind the Gate Pegs
  • Latch-Tool Bind-Off
  • Quick Cast-on with Comb
  • Weaving Cast-on
  • Every Other Needle Weaving Cast-on
  • Simple E-wrap Cast-on
  • The double E-Wrap Cast-on
  • Knitted E-wrap Cast-on
  • Crochet Cast-on
  • Chain Cast-on


  • Simple Decrease
  • Raglan Decrease
  • Multiple Decreases (behind the Gate Pegs)
  • Simple Increase
  • Raglan Increase
  • Multiple Increases
  • Increasing and decreasing with Short Rows
  • Decrease – Parallel Raglan
  • Decrease – Cabled Raglan

Joining pieces

  • Kitchener Stitch
  • Joining using long Stitches (Method 1)
  • Joining live stitches on the knitting machine
  • Mattress Stitch

Tipps and Tricks

  • Snap Fastener
  • Neat and Fast Edge for Block Stripes

More lessons in progress

Contents are added on an ongoing basis. Suggestions from our members are also taken into account.

hems, bands & cords

  • Determination of the hem length
  • hems for a curved neckline
  • Picot Hem (traditional)
  • Rolled Edge
  • Picot Hem (Fast)
  • Mock Rib Cuff (bottom)
  • Double knit bottom band
  • Double Knit Top Band
  • Vertical Band
  • Purl-row Band
  • Sandwiched Band
  • Band with knitted-in buttonholes
  • Double knit band with Fair Isle Pattern
  • afterwards attached neckline
  • “Munich” hem
  • Knitted vertical hem
  • vertical rolled edge with crochet row (rolled edge at the bottom)
  • purl hem for childs or baby jacket
  • Mock Rib Cuff (top)

Neckline & Collar

  • Neckline with 2 seams
  • Boat neckline
  • Round neckline with short rows
  • Neckline: Binding off the middle stitches with additional thread
  • Cutout collar
  • V-neck in 2 variations
  • V-neck “Catherine”
  • Troyer collar with zipper

shoulder and sleeve

  • shoulder slope
  • shoulder decreases behind the gate pegs
  • Joining shoulder pieces right sides facing with the knitting machine
  • Adding sleeves with the knitting machine
  • Top down sleeve

special modules

  • simple pocket with afterward added hem
  • The decorative pleat
  • Belt strap on bed


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