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What will this site be about?

This will be a platform for people who love being creative and who love to knit.

Here you will learn how to knit or to be more specific: here you will learn how to knit with a knitting machine.

Werner an der Strickmaschine (sw)

Knitting – a creative hobby

Knitting has experienced a renaissance in recent years.

Who goes for a knitting machine decides on a wonderful hobby or turns it into his new profession.

Many creative knitting ideas in your head? You can’t realize everything on the knitting machine yet? Then our elearning platform for machine knitting is the solution for you!

To produce high-quality knitted pieces with a knitting machine, in-depth knowledge combined with tips and tricks are the most importatnt prerequisites.

You too can!

As a member, you will learn step by the how to use your knitting machine and soon be able to knit great models yourself.

Do you remember your first driving hours? And now driving a car has become second nature to you. And such will also be with your knitting machine. Look forward to it and keep at it You make it!

Online learning in modules

Unlock the full potential of your Brother or Silver Reed / Empisal knitting machine with a membership to Easy Machineknitting. Our extensive knowledge base is at your fingertips for expert guidance and support.

Learn at your pace

Unlock the power of personalized learning! With the flexibility to pause and set your own pace, you’re in control of your own educational journey. Say goodbye to the pressure of a one-size-fits-all approach, and hello to a learning experience that’s tailored to your unique needs. Start learning today!

Short units

With our short units, you can quickly jump to the topics and videos that interest you the most, all while tailoring the content to your specific level of knowledge. Don’t waste your time sifting through irrelevant material – choose short units for efficient and effective learning.

Growing content

Discover an ever-growing selection of content, instructions, and videos that are constantly being updated and expanded. Experience the convenience of having access to the latest information at your fingertips.

Educational material

In addition to the instructions, you will receive helpful material to download and print.

Learn where & when you like

At home on your PC, at lunchtime on your tablet, or your smartphone while on the move.

Thematic overview

In seven major topics, we will introduce and teach the craft of machine knitting to our members.


The world of knitting machines


Basics of machine knitting

Preview Image Patterns

Pattern knitting

Preview double bed

The double bed

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